Halloween during a Pandemic...the scariest of them all

It's been one h-e-c-k of a year, amiright?  I'm sure this Halloween will be no exception to the 2020 rule of sucking. 

Haha jk. 

It's not going to suck. But it is going to be different. And that's okay.  Different is okay!

One of my good pals has been feeling some apprehension about Halloween and trick-or-treating. Yes, it is such a fun, magical time of year, and seeing the niños in their getups is the best. Buuuut it's not worth it for some people. There are those among us who are trying to be exceptionally careful to avoid germs and contact with others.  Many have preexisting health conditions, or close ties to someone who does. These people are likely worrying about turning away cute children this Halloween, but are also not wanting to come into contact with anyone. It is for them that this sign was born.  

If you are among those looking to kindly steer people away from your porch, I've created a free little printable for you. Feel free to click, print, post, share, tape it up, etc. If you have any extra brain space, I'd be pumped if you tagged me on the 'Gram [@tawnymayink].

Please just have a safe Halloween, yall. 



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