I'm always awkward when I have to introduce myself.  Face palm.

First, I am a disciple of Jesus Christ, a wife, and a mama.
I am a creator.
I am a sap for lovely words.
I am a triathlete and exercise junkie--you can find me trail running, hiking, swimming, road/mountain biking, doing yoga or highfit and climbing trees. :)
I am a bona fide tightwad, through and through.
I am a minimalist.
I love cookie dough, listening to non-fiction audiobooks, writing out philosophical thoughts, and tackling unfamiliar projects with my own two hands (it excites me so).

I have felt a tug for yeeeears to get back to blogging. I genuinely hope and pray that this website can be a place you come for hope, encouragement, a little levity, and love. Everything I write or create on Tawny May Ink will be born out of my deep desire to share goodness.

I'm so happy you're here!