little hourglass

Yesterday dear sister sent me a link for a pretty brass necklace with a miniature hourglass dangling on the end. I paused, loving on the idea of having a toy tangling from my neck all the time, and thanked her for forwarding me such goodness. (She's always shopping/looking out for me. #excellenttaste)

Hourglasses are fun to play with. My grandparents used to have a big ancient looking one that was the cooooooooooolest. I was always fascinated by each tiny granule being filtered through the funnel, spilling onto the other side and forming a sand mound.
Here I am, a 25 year old, a recently-married college grad, I see now that life is the same way. 

When I opened up my tc blog today, I just shook my head, thinking of how much time has passed and how different things are now. But--as my good pal Mal always says--"hindsight is 20/20"; yes, life is different, but it is right. Looking back on where life was then and is now makes me think of this little hourglass; I've concluded the following:
 Every granule is important in forming the pile. Each moment leads to the next.
I've been meaning to get back on here and share and write and post and rave and do all those things I used to do, but I've been busy and I've grown increasingly unattached to the oversharing of blogs and social media in there was the daunting task of fashioning a new website and baaaaah.
No thankssssss.
But I've had a little guy in a toga with a harp hovering over my shoulder telling me for months now that this indeed is something important--blogging--and that someone indeed may just want or need to hear what I have to say, and that I should indeed get over myself and it. #Nike.
There have been multiple little moments and feelings that have added up to this reentry to the blogging world. One of which includes Elder David A. Bednar, from the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, inviting all to use social media to share personal convictions and beliefs. (Click here for the full talk)

And that was the last straw.

So here I am.
This blog will be used to note the goodness of the world, of life, and of others. It will be the recounting and sharing of people, places, and things that inspire and remind me/you/us
And to see that--no matter what you or I or your sister or brother is going through--there is always that good, warm, happy, May-like beauty all around and light up ahead, and that this present moment is only one little granule of sand in much larger mound of sand making up life and leading up to something grand. 

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